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You’re Engaged! Now What?

Congratulations! You’ve gotten engaged. Now come the questions of ,”Where is your wedding?” ,”What colors are you thinking for your wedding?” and ,”When will you get married?” If you do not know where to start to answer these questions, we are here to help! Here are some helpful steps in the order of wedding planning operations to help form your wedding planning blueprint.

1.) Do you have a favorite time of year?

Most people have a favorite season, or two. If you do not have a favorite season, it may be helpful to also keep in mind your budget. A wedding in the winter could be less expensive than a wedding in peak wedding season, such as September or October. If you are in a wedding planning time crunch, such as planning a wedding in less than ten months; a winter or early spring wedding may be a great idea due to many venue date openings. Fall and summer wedding venues tend to be booked quickly and a year in advance.



2.) What type of venue do you imagine for your wedding?


It is important to nail down your venue as soon as possible. Thinking of you and your fiance’s personalities may help choosing a venue. Do you enjoy the outdoors? Maybe a rustic outdoor wedding such as at the Q Center Pavillion would be a good option. They can easily customize your outdoor wedding to be as elegantly rustic, or simply earthy as you’d like. If you both are more classic and would like a big wedding a ballroom like at Riverside Receptions would be a great option for you. Riverside Receptions overlooks the Fox River, therefore is beautiful all year round. If you both are formal, yet easygoing,  The Herrington Inn would be a beautiful option to keep the quaintness and intimacy of your relationship reflected in your wedding day. Also keep in mind all these venues have indoor and outdoor options for your wedding making the options endless.



3.) Do you have a favorite color?


Once you have a season nailed down it is time to think of your wedding colors. Some people choosing a color is easy as they know their favorite color. It is important to decide if you want to incorporate your favorite color, or change it up. Have you seen Pinterest photos (on the Geneva Bride Pinterest Board, of course) and think other colors look beautiful for your wedding vision? If you have a hard time deciding, look up photos of flowers you like. Think also of the time of year. There are no rules that a certain color cannot be used in a certain season; however it may help you envision a color keeping in mind seasonal elements. Sometimes a floral bouquet is a great place to start if clothing and decorations are not your thing. The Geneva Bride florist, Town & Country Gardens, has many beautiful bouquet photos on their Instagram to inspire you.


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